Dino classes: herding together + aggro share across multiple classes?

Hi all,

I’m thinking of 3 scenarios:

  1. An alpha rex will kill another alpha rex if it sees one. Right now, the same class of dino will never aggro itself. Has anyone seen a way to change this?

  2. I wanted to create juvenile, sub adult and adult dinosaurs… and have all 3 again aggro if they are attacked individually. So a T-rex attacks a juvenile Stego (subclass)… and nearby sub adults and adults rush to it’s aid. Right now, different classes can’t be linked even if they are from the same spawn groups. Anyone seen a way to make this happen.

  3. I wanted the above “family” groups of classes… to stay within the vicinity of an adult… or “herd”/cluster together. Can anyone think of a way to do this?

I haven’t closely looked at AI blueprints yet… but before I do I thought I’d save re-discovering wheels if someone else has already investigated it.

i was having the same idea of creating different dino for each step of grow before, but after searching for some time, i think it is not a good idea :wink:

i was going to do :
baby dino = lvl 1-10 range of the base dino (the dino will always spawn with lvl between this range)
teen dino = lvl 11-20 range of the base dino
adult dino = lvl 21-30 range of the base dino (this one being the actual dino we have, the two other would be smaller in size.)

the issue that i have see is that if you tame a baby, you will always have a baby even after it’s lvl change, so it is not really a good way to do that :s (at least for now)

i’m waiting for the total conversion to come out to look better into it to see if we can modify the leveling/spawning system and maybe directly include the size change in the the process, limiting the number of dino to one per type. (1 rex and no more 3 to have different size.)

the issues that will arise will be to find a good way to make all the change in the different bp base on the size (make a 1.5 scale rex and go aggro it, it will stop too far away from you and bite in the wind, and will have the same turn rate that the bigger rex so you will see it make BIG circle to turn :D, so we will need to link the size to many other value like attack distance, turn rate etc…)

all the change you want to make seem like to be link to the ai so i can’t really help on that, i was totaly lost when i open the behavior tree :smiley:

Whilst going through old posts… thought I’d update this one with answers as well:

  1. PrimalGameData_BP-> Named Team Definitions -> 1 -> click the “Allow Targets on Own Team” checkbox.

  2. (Dinoname)_AIController_BP -> Aggro Notify Neighbors Classes

  3. (Dinoname)_AIController_BP → Wander Fixed Distance Amount (doesn’t solve it, but makes them herd better for now… until the devs implement some kind of “follow the alpha” scripting)

1: You would have to change your dino’s targeting team to a specific one, most likely custom made

  1. This would be done by aggro notify team, but you have already discovered that one

  2. To do this you would need to create your own custom wander AI that is dependent upon the “parent dino”