Dino_Character_BP - Lost When Cooked


I was wondering if anyone knows how I would be able to get Dino_Character_BP to work without the mod being TC. I changed the Dino-tamed/taming HUD and I assigned it to Dino_Character_BP but I still don’t get it when I cook the mod. I tried to put it inside the level but that didn’t work either.

Thanks in advance!

i think u have to reference the new one in your testgamemode

Can’t find anything in the testgamemode related to Dino_Character_BP, sadly. I still have no clue.

Hud Class - > ShooterHudBP - > all the huds appear listed there

I have no option to set my custom Dino_Character_BP active in ShooterHudBP either. Nor any other blueprints. When viewing the references for the original Dino_Character_BP it seems that it’s connected to the DinoArena level somehow, but I’m not able to connect my custom Dino_Character_BP to my own level either.