Dimensions VS - Platformer Fighter

About the Game
Dimensions VS is an Arena Platformer Fighter for the PC - featuring a cast of colorful, quirky characters, pulled out of their universes in order to battle each other for your entertainment!
At its core, our game is very similar to other games in the genre such as Smash Bros or Rivals of Aether - our biggest difference is that we plan on having many different modes you wouldn’t traditionally see in these games. Apart from the core fighter framework, our main priorities for launch are going to be Capture the Flag and Basketbrawl. We have many other ideas for game modes in the future, even considering things such as a MOBA mode and Team vs Tank.

The Cast
As of this post, we have 7 fully modeled, textured and rigged characters (some including full alt skins). 2 of our characters (featured in the trailer) are currently the balancing stage, with their full movesets functioning in-engine. We also have several unannounced guest personalities confirmed.

We’ve been in full production on this for roughly 6 months with a team of 5 people (2 programmers, 3 artists/animators)

More Information
Indie DB
Sketchfab (Character Models!)

The Initial Character Lineup

Check out this small bit of in game footage