Dimensions of popular buildings

Hello. I have problem with well-known buildings. I would like to model some popular building. I started to google but almost none of them have measurements on internet.

I google them, and google and wikipedia knows about them (some photos, history and other informations) but this is end (some of them have additional info about height).

Where or how should I look for informations like dimensions of windows, roofs, columns etc. ? If I want to model car I type in google “car + blueprints” but this isn’t working with buildings as far as I can see.

Can someone please advice me some tips for looking for such informations ?

Thank You and Cheers !

That’s not easy. You can find typical floor to floor heights (Google it) and a lot of buildings are built on a grid, say 5 foot spacing. The other option is to build in Sketchup using the photomatch feature.

You can also try Google Earth satellite photos and use the measure tool

Base foundations: - Open Street Map (some data include building heights/levels) OSM Buildings - Open street map buildings in 3D format
You can download maps from OSM and use dedicated viewers (JOSM, OSM2World, Blender…) to view&generate buildings based on included data sets - correctness of detail and information heavily depend on local government services & volunteering (good will) contributors :stuck_out_tongue:

Then there’s (3D Spatial Models of Great Buildings + some plans).
One can never forget the great 3D Warehouse
& as already stated Google Earth Pro (free) with measure tool and scale marker.

Building element/motive dimensions are usually based on human scale/proportions, vernacular architecture, local industrial & cultural standards (roof inclinations, window sizes, columns, etc.) though to western architects there are two sources as a base foundation: Architect’s Data by Ernst and Peter Neufert & The Metric Handbook edited by David Adler.

For any specific details is best to ask local authorities (public archives), architects, building custodians…
or continue in this thread :wink:

Keywords are key.
House plans, Floor plans, House Plans pdf.
Hope this helps…