Hello guys!

I want to show you my project I finished couple of days ago.

Firstly, I want to mention that this is my FIRST game i’ve ever made.
I made it for 2 months from scratch. Every content I use in my game was made by me for those 2 months. But couple of textures are from cgtexture and coupe sounds I took from (I credit the authors in the end of the game).

The idea of the game is to complete some level using your timegun, that can slow down or fast different objects up. You also have a simple airgun, that shoot small plastic balls with chosen time dilation and allow you to press big red buttons that interact with other stuff.

Here is some screenshots and full game walkthrough.

Sorry for windowed mode. I have 21:9 monitor and this is not good for recording the video.

P.S. Everything you see made with Blueprints. Other soft I used: 3DsMax, Maya (gun skeleton and animations), Photoshop (with Nvidia Normal plug).
P.P.S. The game may look a bit laggy and not finished. Thats because I made it for gamedev contest, that gives you 2 months of time to make a game with time manipulation. It was very hard for me to make everything I wanted for such small period, so some parts look like s**t.

Anyway, I will be happy if you guys give some advises and opinions.

This game looks cool! Makes me want to play it :slight_smile: Will there be a download sometime? :slight_smile:


Yeah, as I mentioned above, I’ll provide download link later. I have to fix some major bugs…

Ah, i must’ve overlooked that phrase! Thanks tho! :slight_smile:

I like the idea very much. I can actually see a lot of potential in it. Do you have any plans for a commercial release?

Yep, I decided to release it. That is why I didn’t post the link. I’m not sure about release date, because the game is very buggy now and needs a lot of work, but, I think, I’ll release it on steam.

I absolutely love the style, and the scale and the attention to detail in the environment. Everything feels so real. It visually pleases me :smiley:

Any chance of a VR version, and maybe with the hints as a UMG 3d widget.

I’m not sure about VR, coz I do not have any to test on.

Game looks good.
I have a question about it. Did you slow down the whole game or did you slow certain objects in the game world?

Certain objects. Check the video…

this looks pretty good, love puzzle games. i got a (sorry if its too noob) question. the loading screen blending… how did you achieved it? are you transitioning between levels? if so, how are you carrying over the widget?

Hello. I simply created loading before changing level, and created it at beggining of next level (wich I removed after some seconds with animation).

Not bad, interesting style there.