Digital showroom for a university project


I am writing this post in the hope that someone will be able to come to my aid. I am currently studying to become and engineer, and in one of our projects, we decided that UE4 would be a good way to create our prototype. Sadly for me, I have found it more difficult than expected, and time is running out for me.

I am currently working on a digital showroom, and I took the RealisticRendering template from UE4 engine 4.23. With this, it has the FPS_Character blueprint (enables me to roam around in the world, but without a character). It has the ‘view’ i want, but when I am trying to have interactions with the blueprints I am creating, nothing is happening.

I have tried enabled input in the FPS_Character blueprint, and I am currently trying to use Event dispatchers, but I still cant seem to get it working.

When I call Event Begin (in the blueprint for my static mesh that I want to move), it will do the motion that I programmed. When I try to call a keyboard event (as with the E key), theres no response.

I am currently testing with print string to check my logic, but I simply cant get two blueprints to talk together - what am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

Kind regards