Digital Shock Art & Development Outsourcing (AAA results for indie price)

DIGITAL SHOCK Art & Development Team: Professional AAA studio at Indie Price


Digital Shock is a video game developer, VR, iOS/Android mobile app creator and elite team of video game art specialists in Toronto (Canada) with a local team of 20+ and international support team of 100+ seasoned and highly talented artists and programers.

We are a team of dedicated professionals that have 10+ years in the outsource gaming industry. We specialize in 3D artwork, and our team has delivered exceptional work in recent years for Disney, Coca Cola, Activision, Namco, and Gameloft, and we have worked on titles such as Age of Empires, Superman Returns, Lord of the Rings, and Lego Universe (among many others).

We believe the raving reviews and recommendations these major players leave in relation to the work Digital Shock does speaks volumes about our capabilities. Our internal management team makes your life so much easier than having to manage multiple freelancers on your own!

Digital Shock is an elite and experienced team of artists and programmers, and if you played a video game or downloaded a major app in the last 5 years chances are you’ve probably already enjoyed the work that Digital Shock does.

We are the best at what we do, and we are always on top of the nexgen gaming market. We offer our top tier services to those customers that realize the value of quality and optimization. Our expertise, experience, and service is always delivered in a timely fashion, all for a comparably modest price. If you are a company that outsources your 3D artwork for any project, Digital Shock is the right solution for you.


Game Assets:

  • Character animation, modelling, texturing and rigging

  • Environments modelling, texturing and lighting

  • Prop modelling, texturing and animation

  • Vehicle modelling and texturing


  • Cinematic sequences

  • 3D Characters

  • 3D Environments

  • 3D Matte Environments

  • Bumpers

  • Advertisements

  • Corporate presentations

  • Green/blue screen compositing

Motion Capture

  • System Installation

  • Data Processing

  • Solving Animation

  • Animation Clean Up

  • Training: System optimization, data processing, solving data, animation clean up


  • High res marketing materials

  • Book covers


  • 3D Studio Max

  • Maya 3D, Scanline, Vector,

  • Lightwave

  • ZBrush

  • Photoshop

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Discreet Smoke

  • Renderman

  • Metal Ray

  • Cinema 4D

  • Final Render Stage-1

We also provide:

Low Poly 3D Models

High-res 3D Characters with Animations

Hidden object backgrounds

Hidden object Assets/props(2D&3D)

Photorealistic 3D Arts

Game Assets/Props

Game Environments

Pre-rendering assets

Platform Experience:

Windows PC, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 3, Arcade, Xbox 360, Flash Browser Based, Nintendo Wii, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS, Cell Phone/WAP, PlayStation Portable, etc.

For Next-generation games:

Digital Shock provides the highest in next-gen quality real-time 3D artwork. We are able to competently adapt to any art style required of us to accommodate the very specific needs of our clients. Our production process is optimized to ensure that our clients will achieve the greatest possible value from our services.

For Low polygon:

Low polygonal modelling is widely used for games running on limited resource platforms,

or casual games.

We also offer:

Optimized Texturing

Level of Detail Optimization + Rigging (Biped/bone support)


Exporting (Torque3D, Unity3D,To Unreal Ed, Doom3, etc.)

Our staff is well trained in the deployment of low polygon models, and has also done work for several pre-next-gen commercial titles on consoles such as PS2 and PSP.

For pre-rendering:

We can create 3D works, and then render them in to different format to fit your game, like .swf, .fla, etc. We have completed 2 main projects for hidden objects games including background and 2D in-game objects and cut-scenes, etc.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us today!

We need the following info to provide a quote:

  1. Art style and quality samples (or similar game’s name)

  2. Tri-counts limitation for each assets, texture size, animation list, assets list with your specific requirements

  3. Which 3D tool you require, and the version of this tool.

Project Preferences:

Here at Digital Shock, we strive to have long term relationships with our clients, and bringing the best quality and customer service possible. Depending on the scope of the project, we do have staff willing to work on site.


Digital Shock is comprised of 150+ staff readily available for work. Depending on the season, our availability may vary. We can utilize the entire team for an extended period of time, or even provide you with a freelance artist for one day’s work. Our internal management team makes your life so much easier than having to manage multiple freelancers on your own!

Portfolio URL:

PS. In the meantime please feel free to check out these reviews and recommendations from just a few of our clients; so you can have a better idea of what to expect when working with Digital Shock:

Character Artist at Blizzard Entertainment:

We contracted Digital Shock to work with us to create assets for Fortune Online at NetDevil. We are more than satisfied with the service we have received from Digital Shock. They are professionals and acted with a respectable amount of integrity. They are quick to produce at reasonable rates. I plan on using Digital Shock in the future for our outsource needs

Art Director at Namco:

Thanhda and his team have proven to be a go-to source for 3d modelling and animation for several reasons: Fantastic quality, very efficient, extremely fast and very reliable assets. DigitalShock exceeded Namco’s expectations and delivered above and beyond expectations. We’re looking forward to working with Digital Shock again very soon.

Founder at JoyPop Inc:

Working with Digital Shock was a great experience. The quality of the work delivered was top notch and always arrived on time. We were working on a very tight schedule and D.S. was always able to deliver with really great results. D.S. was excellent in ensuring that we were getting exactly what we needed when we needed it. I would highly recommend working with him and his studio. Truly a great experience

Production Manager at Blue Marble Game Company:

Digital Shock exceeded our expectations for quality in the very tight time frame we provided. Easy to work with and always professional, I would happily contract with Digital Shock again for any modelling needs in the future.

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