Digital Displays and RPM leds on steering wheel

Hello developers, i´m new to Unreal Engine, and i´m learning a lot to possibly make a racing game in the future, i´m already developing many things in a sandbox level i created to use cars as pawns,got the cars drivable, tweaked a lot of physics parameters already, automatic and manual transmission working, animations for wheels, doors, steering wheel, hubs and brakediscs working, collisions okay, got the reverse,brake and glow lights working too, all by searching google, this forum and you tube for examples and tutorials, have to thank a lot these guys who share the knowledge, thank everyone.

I made some mods for some racing games, and the last one i did the car has digital displays attached to the steering wheel(which is parented to the main root bone of the car and has animation working for cockpit view), and the RPM revs are measured by a array of leds above the steering wheel panel, similar to modern GT and F1, on this last mod the platform used a mesh with one material assigned to it, that the game uses as base for rendering the digital displays that shows for example; number of laps done, fuel quantity, engine revs(RPM), push to pass buttons left, speed, time of current lap, split time and so on, then you reference this mesh on an .ini file that controls the digital displays, as colors, fonts, type of data, kind of a hud, but attached to the moving steering wheel.

First question about UE4: which would be the best way to achieve this setup on UE4 and if possible how to start?

Second question is about the array of RPM Leds.

on that game, the leds are all on one texture, and every led has it´s own mesh, all assigned to the same material, what controls which led will glow on certain rpm is, again a .ini file, that triggers that lit mesh for that specific led, which would be a good way to replica this setup on UE4 too?

I´m just beggining to learn C++, so it would be nice if this could be achieved only using blueprints for now.

thanks is advance for any help.