Digital Clock?

I am looking for a way to create a digital clock, that starts at like… let’s say 8:23AM. Then it counts each hour/min/second of gameplay. I saw a timer and a countdown timer, also saw how to do it for an analog clock, but couldn’t find any topic on how to make it for a digital one. Also, it would be awesome if someone could guide me not only through the blueprint of how to make it function, but also through how to add it on my mesh. Thanks in advance!

Threw something together really quick. Making this was surprisingly complex. Here are the steps:

  1. Download a good digital monospace font kind of like this and install it to Windows (make sure to pay attention to the licensing). Follow this guide to setting up this font for the TextRender component. Make sure that when you are following the steps under ‘1. Import Font’ that you check ‘Enable Legacy Mode’. This ensures that the numbers are evenly spaced. When you make your TextRender material, you will also need to plug the Vertex Color node into the Emissive pin to make the clock glow.

  2. Create a new actor and set it up in the following manner:


  1. A special function is needed to add a zero before numbers 1-9. In reality, all of your string formatting could be condensed into this function, but I’m lazy.


  1. Set up your Blueprint.



aw, did the same, haha.
Well, little bit different + with seconds.

Perfect, works like a charm! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I wonder why you do it this complicated.
Use a float as your time.
Truncate it, to get Seconds. (Decimal places are your milliseconds)
and do stuff like % 60 to get seconds from 0-60
Divide by 60 to get minutes etc.