Digital Asset Management Tool

For all you development teams out there. Have you found any good Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools to help organize/share 3D content throughout your business or with your partners? We are looking for something that is almost like an Unreal content window but web-based with download and 3D viewing (Sketchfab like viewer) capabilities. The purpose would be to share 3D assets easily to parties within the company that will be using it in other platforms like WebGL, Unity, etc…

Think, turbosquid, but with sketchfab integrated, living on internal servers.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


I don’t know that I comprehend what it is that you need. When I hear “resource administration”, I for the most part think about an instrument that will search the system searching for gadgets that are connected to it, at that point endeavor to recognize every gadget and inventory its highlights. In any case, you express that you need to track associations from jacks to boards and switches, which sounds more like port administration.