Digital Alarm Clock

So basically what i want do is that i have a 3d model of an alarm clock and then i want to make it a working clock so how do i do that? I just want it to be 12:AM 1:00AM 2:00AM 3:AM 4:AM 5:AM 6:AM That’s all i want. like i don’t want it to just appear on the viewport i want it actually on the clock itself.

When you only need those 7 times I recommend you to make an Blueprint for your Clock and add an TextRender component. Adjust scale and position of the TextRender to fit your clock. Then set the Text of the TextRender in the construction script and voila!

Another possibility: Make an material for your time with an texture2d parameter. Set the parameter in the construction script and assign it to an image of your time.

What about the code?

i basically want the clock to change every minute.

While you could use Text Render for this, I believe a Widget Component will give you more control.

i basically want the clock to change
every minute.

Use a Timer Event to increase a variable by 1 every minute and Format Text node to output text.

Register a Timer by Event for 60 seconds interval and Loop. Add 2 variables (integer) to your BP (e.g. currentMinute, currentHour). Every Event call you increment currentMinute by one. If currentMinute is equal to 60 then you reset it to 0 and increment currentHour by one. If currentHour is equal to 24 reset it to 0. Then You change the text of your TextRenderer to (currentHour % 12):currentMinute and append am if currentHour/12 is 0 and pm otherwise. Hope that helps!

Could you please send a picture?