Digging,MinningHarvesting etc.

Ok, so I’m making a game similar to TESV skyrim, but my main problem is I’m new to game development and have no idea on how to make the landscape harvestable. For example if I had a pickaxe and wanted to dig into a mountainside how do I get the mountain to have an indention as well as rock fall to the ground, and eventually have a crater in the mountainside for a house. Please help.

There is another thread here somewhere on someone wanting to make holes in the ground. It is very difficult to do. Especially with the standard engine.

Unless you can manage to program this in on a hardcore level, I’d really adjust your design some.

Hi Nnyhil,

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to edit the terrain at runtime, only during editing. This general idea is being taken into consideration, however. Thank you and have a great day!

hmm you could make your terrain a model and I believe you could probably do a pre-arranged morphs on the model so you could do it somewhat but that seems impractical.

To really pull off a game in which you can dig your way into the earth I would imagine going voxel would probably be your best bet. Also I believe someone pushed out a voxel mod for the UE4 somewhere.

You’d want the player to dig at certain areas only so just use some custom mesh that can act like part of the terrain.

Thanks to all for the I’ve been thinking and is there a way to take the developers terrain editing tools,and somehow fuse that to a in game item so therefore the player would be reducing the landscape but very little by little?

Adam Davis already answered that question above, its not possible to edit terrain at runtime. You should make a custom mesh with morph targets of it declining in, and make a blueprint for when the player hits it to switch morph targets based on the amount of ore,dirt,etc left.

That’s not possible for a number of reasons, it’s not that you can’t move the vertices, it’s more to do with lighting, collisions, object bounds etc. You would need a completely custom class for your ‘terrain’.

Things like this require voxel engine and this is something absolutely different than just “terrain”
Check out “Everquest Landmark” videos on youtube

Why you guys always get idea to make very hard game (to do) as your first time project? :smiley:
Open world with deformable enviroment, with RPG system, probably nice fighting system, etc, this is not easy task.

Nawrot is super right, by the way. Of course, you will get some expirience during developement, but I doubt you will finish something like this. However, if you choose some easier project to develop, you have chances to finish it and expirience from finished project will much more valuable

I really hate that attitude, while I agree it’s wiser to tackle smaller projects to learn it is entirely up to the people taking on the task as to if they finish it or not. There will be constant hurdles in every real project, if you quit just because its hard or because you don’t know how to do something you will never complete anything and no one knows it all. I would even also agree probably 90% of all projects close there doors, but that’s usually because they realize really what kind of commitment it will be to complete such a task. They usually yack jaw a big talk about what they are going to do but when it comes time to really put in those hours of work people mysteriously have a hard time devoting so much time to something that doesn’t pay the day to day bills.

Again I didn’t look to hard into it but I believe someone already completed a voxel based UE4 Mod that you could probably start from there, its really the only way to have a real editable terrain.