Difficulty installing Houdini Plugin into Unreal Engine 5

I’ve been looking and following tutorials on installing the Houdini Plugins for Unreal Engine for hours, and can’t seem to figure it out, or solve the issues I’m going through (Starting to feel like Homer researching marketing), with lots of varying, contradicting, and outdated information.

I want to ask those who use Houdini, or went through the hassle of figuring it out;

Is it possible to install the Houdini Plugin in Unreal Engine 5 using the Houdini Apprentice version, or do I need the Indie license?

And which tutorial or guide did you find most useful on how to install the Houdini Plugin for UE5?


For the future pp looking for this answer
here nice tutorial


Edit: there are some little changes with the new houdini engine path, In my case the path for the engine files is

C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini Engine\Unreal\19.5.534
And also I added the engine files to both: the project plugin folder and engine plugin folder, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

@ PikaDERP

I had successfully been able to have it working with an Indie license in UE5.0, but never in 5.1 and certainly not 5.2

As of this writing, there is a thread claiming it had once been possible in 5.1, but I’d never seen it and I don’t see much on SideFX forums about the issue.

I may check over there and see if there are any plans…