Difficulty getting child colliders to overlap with world

Hi! First time putting up a thread in here (but I frequent the forums). I’ve found the forums to be very helpful, but on this topic I can’t find much as to my issue.

I’m currently making a fighting game, and decided that my collision on characters will be handled by hurt/hit boxes. I create sphere colliders from a blueprint class when the character is first made, and parent them to all sockets on the skeletal mesh that I want a collision radius around. The issue I’m running into is that they appear to only generate overlap events on same-hierarchy components (like each other or the capsule collider). When I filter the collision overlaps to ignore these classes, I get nothing.

I’ve been using for reference, but I also generate an error here when trying to make a custom even that will be called from the bound parent event. 1135be9a857cdafb64fb705377c8fa992463ef82.jpeg

If anyone has any solutions or work arounds, I would greatly appreciate the help!

Will settle for anyone that gets collision(overlap with anything outside of hierarchy) with any parented collider on a character controller!