Difficulties with dialing in Melanin values for fair haired and greyed out types - additional sliders request


I´m having great difficulties trying to dial in fair or grey hair using the available sliders for Melanin.

I can´t seem to reach light, soft (but well conditioned) looking fair hair or desaturated, grey or brown hair?

Would it be possible to get additional sliders for:

(LUMA, maybe?)

I´m not sure if what I really want is GAMMA and HSL or GAMMA and SATURATION would
already do, I guess people would really like to have additional colors at some point, for
dyed/colored hairstyles and such.

Whatever you think is best, as long as it let´s you dial in grey, red, fair and custom colors easier, maybe?



Below is a slapcomp very boldly butchering in some different values to try if that would generally help: