Difficulties with AutoActivateForPlayer cameras in multiplayer.

I’m using a Pawn which has a Child actor as it’s main camera. When I was testing in single player, I had set the AutoActivateForPlayer to Player 0 and everything was working fine. Now that I’m testing with multiple players I see that this property can only be set in the class defaults panel (I’m unable to set it using a Blueprint node).

Is there a way for me to get around this? I tried to remove the AutoActivate flags from the ChildActor and to activate and set view target with blend on possession but I’m not seeing any positive results.

I’d love it if anyone has any tips to offer.

This is how I ended up doing it. I had to call the InitialiseCamera event after possession and actually there had to be a brief delay for it to work too. (This is

(This is on my child actor BP btw).