Different Weapon Modes, Different Animations?

Greetings. I’m having trouble with equipping different weapon modes and animating those weapon modes as in using those weapons against enemies with the click of a mouse. Now I don’t have a particular problem equipping weapon modes, just animating those modes individiually.

tExamples are a fireaxe, pistol, rifle, and crowbar. How do we animate those weapon modes under the click of a mouse? I have an example pictured. Now this is all set up for the fireaxe which works perfectly, but I want it set up the same way for each weapon as I equip each weapon mode… So far, I haven’t found an exact solution.

i actually made a tutorial on this exact subject :slight_smile: UE4 Multiple weapon types tutorial. Melee Weapon Part 8 - YouTube
my project is different in that im not using montages im just using an animation blueprint, but if you use an enum for the weapon type, the logic should be very similar