Different ways to obtain all available save slot names

is it possible to get all saved game slot names to create a menu system so user can choose the save file?

You need a save game that just holds save game names :slight_smile:

When you make a new slot, put the name in there.

( There is now ‘get slot names’ that I know of ).


Victory Plugin


*I am almost sure this plugin is not compatible with Android. I wanted to use it before and crashed the APP

**just found a topic about Android compatibility and seems there is a solution


This is smart and efficient. I wish there was a get save slot names method. But I couldnt find it either.

are file names exactly the same as slot names?

include the .sav extension but is really easy to trim it.

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Thank you

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I found out that this solution works best

first, define these const objects in the header file of your custom GameInstance class

then, create this function as a blueprint callable and call it in the blueprint

header file:

cpp file: