Different versions of confirmed dinosaurs

Would it be bad to create a mod that creates a new dinosaur that is similar to one the developers released a dossier for? For example, what if I wanted to add a different kind of eel that, unlike the eel they have confirmed, is not electric and instead wraps around its prey to suffocate it, knocking it unconscious? Or maybe an eel that isn’t used to knock things unconscious and has a strong bite used to kill things quickly

This is a very opinionated question from the way you worded it. Would it be bad? Not at all. Mods are only used on unofficial servers, and if the dino’s assets are in the dev kit, then I believe its there for us to use :stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t speak for the developers/staff at all, so they might feel different on the subject xD

How could I contact the devs and ask about this topic?

Anyone want to help?

nothing wrong with varietys of the same dinos… would be cool mods, Trex that spits fire, Trex that runs fast, Trex thats tiny … lol idk why not??