Different values for different blueprint instances

I wanted to use ONE blueprint to display different HUD’s based on where it is in my game. I make a blueprint, use it to create as many instances I need and now I want each instance to have a different value that I can change so that I dont have to create a new blueprint everytime(the actions other than the HUD is the same).
So, I want something similar to the UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere) part of the C++ code in BP. Is this possible?

Edit: Figured out how to do it, so ignore question

You mean HUD for each player and each has different default varable? Explain more

Yep, I figured that I could use the option ‘Instance Editable’ to get what I want. I meant that I wanted a different HUD for different box triggers that formed the blueprint. I managed to figure it out

Well you could just place some initiation codei n BeginPlay thta it will set valuesp roperly according to player HUD is attached to