Different UV-Coord mapping for duplicated mesh

well, I’ve imported one single mesh, duplicated, and I want put UV-coords different, peculiar, in each one. So I imagineI’ve to create a double material each one with its channel in TextureCoordinate… ok … BUT …in which way I can control UV-mapping in Way that it works only just in one mesh without affecting the other one?
I’ve tried all UV modifiers in Modeling mode, but when I apply the effect, the other twins mesh are affected and I dont want this… I need affect just meshes that I want. I don’t believe the only way is solely duplicate/import the same mesh again…

your mesh must have at least 2 uv chanel.
then use material control uv, the node is texcod.

this can switch channel.

Thanks , firstly, for your kind reply … yes, this you’re suggesting I already know and I’m using exactly this … but the problem is: if I duplicate a static mesh, and I move UV-Map in one of those, the twin too is affected even if I did not made any edit on it, like an instance… and I don’t want this. I need that a UV-mapping will change onlyh one of all duplicated twins

all the meshes use same uv mapping.
if u want different uv mapping, u can create multi uv channel.
or bake this mesh to new mesh.
or change your original thought, find another way to do that.

Very many thanks, one more time for your reply … sounds cool!!
Can you show me (or give me a link) how can I do the first 2 solutions you are proposing?
that are:
A - create multi uv channel
B - bake this mesh to new mesh
I’m beginner so really I don’t know how reach the result I want using this solutions… I need a “step by step”
Very tnx

in unreal, u can enable uv editor plugin for create uv channel.


bake mesh seems same with just copy paste your mesh to new mesh…

mmm… unfortunately, even using multichannel with UV-Editor (and then setting channel in modeling mode) … all meshes instances will have same change, and not only the which one I edit.
And about baking mesh to a new mesh, really I did not understand where I have to click in order to do all process for reach this.
But thanks you anyway for your great kindness, time and words spent for me :slight_smile: