Different transform values between node and details panel


I think I discovered a minor bug in the animation graph from the Animation Blueprint, and I reproduce it every time. When I add a “Transform (modify) bone” and modify the translation, rotation or scale from this node, the corresponding values in the Details panel are correctly updated. However, if I directly modify those values in the “Details” Panel, the node view is not updated, even if I compile my blueprint. And now I have some different values in my node that I don’t see at first sight.

That is how I ended up with a wrong animation even if my animation graph looked fine, I had to double check the values in the Details panel for every node. This is not a big deal but it can make you think that you are becoming crazy :smiley:

I added a screenshot to illustrate (note that only the clavicles are activated and that their correct position is horizontal because of a ZY axes inversion in my FBX)