different texture colors. texture is the same, the resolution too

I do not understand why I get a color difference here. texture is the same, resolution too, light in the scene is good. How do I get rid of this difference? 4.18

the spots come from the image compression

If those are separate meshes then the indirect lighting will never match, it’s due to how the lighting system processes objects individually so the lighting will be different. To avoid that, make flat surfaces like a wall out of a single mesh. Meshes can be separated at the corners because you then won’t notice a difference in the lighting there.

I think you get a reflection of light in this image or I think you have a problem with your texture also That is not the big problem I have something for you I am also a designer and I know that this small creates lots of drama. Here is this article please read this and I think you can get better help from this.

…just about modular walls… if you set your indirect scale to 0.1 and smoothness to 0.6 those shading differences disappear and you’ll get a continuous shading…