Different Style of Playing a Game (FEEDBACK PLEASE)

Hello, My name is Karl and i am a Student based within the united kingdom, studying Games development,

I want to bring up an idea that has sought into my mind about playing a game/level.

So my level will be a FPS/TDM, My idea is simple.

Rather than having a menu, loadout, ect… there will be chest’s ect (Similar to Counterstrike) So… let’s just say an inventory.

Other than leveling up to unlock weapons, perks, extras ect ect ect

There could possibly be a way to play inside the game and the only way to get better equipment is by actually getting them and grinding for them.

Example, Player runs through the map and comes across a spawn scope, Once picked up the game will come up with a notification and a task, (Which in this case would say) In order for you to advance your weapon you must kill 5 people whilst using this scope without dying.

Doing so will then add that item to the players inventory for them to continue using, However… if they fail the challenge, the scope drops and they wont see it again for a guaranteed 5 games. This will not only make people play more, But it would massively reduce the people camping, due to them needing to go actually farm there weapons… and because everyone will be doing the same thing, looking to advance there weapon but at the same time trying to survive, Could be a good mode.

Feedback please, This could go into much more detail such as a sniper tower with ladders, but if an opposing team shoots the ladders then the opposing team cant have snipers, Which means the team who does not have snipers would have to look in close quarter combat to find wood to rebuild the ladder, Ect

Really need some feedback on this, Even if you absolutely hate it, Thanks!


Please can someone please give me feedback on this idea, Weather it is short or simple, Need it for part of my Assignment, thankyou :)!

And when the player completed task, he holds the item for the game, or for 5 guaranteed games?
When i think about it in a way, that everyone is starting with same equip and has it’s own “chest”, then for sure it could be a campergame, because everyone knows, what others will do.
Perhaps a centered Box/machine that spits out items only first.
When it’s a multiplayergame and one team is dominating, the startchestlocation should change from centered, to near edge and then spawn a second one in the opposite map corner.

Dominating team would have to split up, to cover both. Other team has chance to fight back.
When not teambased let the items drop on a random location, with parachute for example, visible from far away.
You could prevent camping through reducing ammocount, or setting up some exposed positions for pickups.

Only 5/15 players with best K/D ratio are owning it, for the others it will break into useless junk.
Only my 50cent.