different sounds to different material

How in unreal you can get different sound to different materials? For example if player walk in asphalt it has different footstep noise and when he moves to sand it sounds different? I am not sound specialiast but one of mine friend you is making sounds want to know how this is solved

Hello @tero83,

Well you could use anim notify to emit sounds when player is walking, so after that you can check where is he walking and emit the sound you want.

Create bunch of physics materials. There is property in every material that tells which physics material it uses, set them all correctly ther. Use trace line from pawn down to ground, break result, there is information what material trace line hit. Then either change footstep cue, or even better create one footstep cue with footsteps for all materials, then change it with external parameter (not sure if that parameter works, did not done that stuff yet in game).

Physics material is the usual way to do this as Nawrot mentioned. There is a maximum number of physical materials that you can use but it’s a pretty high number so you shouldn’t have any issues

No need to set up a line trace, CharacterMovement ->CurrentFloor.HitResult will give you the material. This assumes your character is using a Character Movement Component.


Also, this thread has pretty much everything you need