Different Snap Points/Flags?

Hey guys I have multiple structures that are alike but at different sizes so to prevent a small door going on a large structure I changed the snap type flags and snap point match group so they both correspond for their correctly sized counterpart but nothing has change I can still put a small door on a large structure. How do snap points and snap flags work? What are the differences between the two? How can we make use of them? Thanks!

To disallow a snap, you need to set the exclude flag. So, in your small door to large doorframe(?) example, in the snap point(s) that you want to disallow snapping the door to, you need to add the “To Point Snap Type” of the doorframe or whatever object’s snap point that you don’t want the door snapping to.

Now, I am by no means an authority on snap points, I’ve just been tinkering with them and I’ve learnt a little bit. I’ve also not experimented with if it’s only possible to use one flag in a field. If that’s how it currently works, hopefully Wildcard will change that later.


You will also run into the issue of having multiple items being forced into the same category. If you remade the wood wall to look differently, anything you later created to snap to your new wall would also snap to the old one. If you could create a new snap type you could make the engine chose differently but I haven’t found a way to make something into an entirely new category. Doors will always snap to any doorway and large gate will snap to any large gateway. Since you didn’t make your new ones the exact same sizes of the few options you have available you might be stuck. I made some new gates and ran into the same issues. Anyone know if new Snap Types are possible?

@Hogscraper I would like to that as well. They are very confusing haha.

Yes, if any devs read this, please, please, help us out with some info regarding snap points.

If you’re creating new items, you can create snap points and specify a unique number(that isn’t being used by other items or you can reuse the same flag if the new item is similar to another item but this may complicate matters, see below) as the To Point snap type flag.

You then need to recreate this snap point on any item you want it to snap to, ultimately meaning you will be recreating multiple base structure(vanilla) items unless you use a snap point already available. But then you also need to take into account the settings on that snap point of the object you’re snapping to.

A way around this would be to do a TC, replacing vanilla structures with their exact same counterpart that have the snap points modified. It can get complex fast. I have some more experimenting to do with snap points, but I have a semi-working understanding of how they work.

When it comes to the example provided earlier, and snapping things to a wall - say a wall lamp, it is my current understanding that yes this example is correct in its wording as walls have a variable on them “Is Wall”, so anything snapping to a wall, will snap to all walls that are so designated.

In the example of doorways and doors, not necessarily. I’ve, again, yet to fully experiment, but the exclude field is there for a reason. From my current knowledge, you can set a doorway to exclude(disallow) snapping to a door if you get the snap point flag from the door that it uses to snap to doorways, and enter that in the doorway’s exclude field. So, in theory, you have door A and door B, you want door A to snap, but not Door B.

So on the doorway, you would edit the snap point that corresponds to doors(they have multiple if I’m not mistaken, the other(s) are for snapping to foundations and themselves(stacking - like with walls two or more higher), there may be more I haven’t work on doorframes yet) and tell it to exclude the snap point type flag of Door B. Door B would need to have a unique snap point flag compared to Door A, otherwise if they were the same, you would disable both doors.

Anything relating to the Match type group field I have not yet discovered how this works, if it affects anything adversely when it comes to placing structures or if is essentially just an identifier for the game or is referenced in some higher function.


Anyway to reference snap points in a blueprint?

Get Snap Points > Get > Break PrimalStructureSnapPoints. See below.


jesus, this makes my life easier. thank you

Thanks for the information guys I will have to play around with them more and see what happens.

Do you mean that each snap point for an item can have it’s own unique flag, or do you mean the field ‘Structure Snap Type Flags’? I want a structure to only snap to a specific snap point on a specific structure.

Do you know how I rotate through the point loc offset, so far im just adding vector + vector get the outside edge of that get front snap point

how do you SET the Snap Point (Description), after “Break PrimalStructureSnapPoints” ?


Just make a new struct? You can set it in there.


i don’t understand what you mean by that.
the image in my post is from a wall structure with two snap points. i would like to multiply the X location of the first one with something in the graph.
how do i SET it then?

What are you trying to set? You give no context in so far as what you’re actually trying to do.

Are you trying to dynamically alter the snap point during run-time?

What I was referring to was “make”-ing a new snap point struct(the opposite of your break) where you can set that information.


thank you! found it and it works!

Are there any updates with how this all works, especially for creating a new structure and applying snap points to it? The flags are the most confusing aspect, insofar as attempting to make a structure that has snap points unlike any other structures in ARK. Say I wanted to snap a few items to the top of a “foundation”-like structure in a neat stacking order, ie Mortar and Pestles snapping to about 6-8 designated locations on top of a Foundation in an organised row, what Flags would one use if none of the Flags offer a similar mechanic? And then how does the game know which snap points to apply to what, as I cannot seem to find any reference points for, say, the Mortar and Pestle to be associated with the “foundation”-like structure… Is that what the point of the flags are, and how do you go about creating your own?