Different settings per Content Browser

Loving 4.8 so far but found something that might be worth a feature request. I have the editor setup with two content browsers: one in it’s default position and a second as a tab. What I’ve found is that if I enable some additional things to view (for example collections) on one, it shows on the other. It would be nice if the settings were per Content Browser window.

Also I noticed a bug when enabling the second window: I had “Show Collections” checked on my original and a second checkbox for “Show Collections” appeared when I added the second content browser.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hey ,

Thanks for your idea about implementing custom settings for each content browser window opened. I have submitted a feature request which can be referenced as: UE-17879. Once I hear back regarding this feature request, I’ll update this thread.

I’ve also submitted a bug report regarding ‘Show Collection’ showing up twice. Thank you so much for noticing this slight bug. If you’d like to reference this bug in the future, please refer to: UE-17880

Have a great day!