Different rotations for 2 different meshes?

Hey everyone,

Starting to play with blueprints, but i have an issue. Here it is.

I’m trying to build a SCIFI scene, and i got a power sphere and 2 rings around it. The rings are turning different ways and speed.

I was abble to make a rotation blueprint for the first one, but when i try to duplicate for the seconde one, the EVENT TICK command doesn’t duplicate, and only my first ring turns.**


How can I resolve this please?

Thanks for any kind of help!

Call your custom Event in Event Tick.

No, you can’t “copy” the tick event like you want to. You have to call that new custom event inside the event tick. (Right click, type “CustomE” in the search bar, and click on it. Connect the nodes, done.)

Thanks both of you, but I am A BLOODY BIG NOOB about Blueprint. I can’t connect my custom event to my event tick… I don’t really understand “You have to call that new custom event inside the event tick.” . How can I connect my event tick with my custom event?

Feel quite ashame, but I really appreciate the hand!

Picture, maybe?

Edit : I’m going crazy with it… Blue one or red one?..


You have to take the “Custom Event 0” Function Node (The Blue Big one) and take it to your “Event Tick”.
Connect the red Event Tick to your big blue Custom event 0 box.
And connect the big blue custom event 0 box to the AddActorLocalRotation box inside the event tick.

Event Tick -> Custom Event 0 (blue) -> Add Actor Local Rotation

Custom Event 0 (red, event) -> Add Actor Local Rotation

If you connect something with the blue “Custom Event 0” box, the programm is calling the Red “Custom Event 0”.
So Event Tick is calling the Custom Event 0 to rotate mesh#2, going back to Event Tick, and continue to rotate mesh#1 in the event tick code.

Sorry im not on my PC right now


OKay, having a break right now, I try it ASAP.

Do I have to rename the red custom event? (the blue one doesn’t have underscore but space…)

Bonus question : following the same architecture, can I have multiple custom event (custom event 0, 1, 2, 3 etc…)

thanks a lot!

You can name the Events whatever you want.
Right Click on the Event on the Left side of the Blueprint Editor and click Rename. The Blue Nodes are updated automatically :slight_smile:

If you know programming (in C, Java or similar): Events are functions without a return value.

I recommend reading this:

Does’nt seem to work. Here is my BP right now…


Maybe the delta second node not connected?

I’m not a tech guy at all, just a CG artist. I humbly want to rotate 2 rings around my power sphere… Couldn’t imagine it would be so complicated!.. o_______O

Yes, you can add event 1,2,3,4,5 etc. But, you should avoid duplicated code, and cut it down whereever possible.
And yes, you have missed the delta time.
I would do it like this:
(Please note, you have to change it to your variables. But i hope you get the deal.)



Cheers mate!

I’ll try this tomorrow morning, will keep you in touch!


Hello everyone

OK, I was able to make the same graph as you. But right now it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t surprise me.

I created the 2 variables actors. But how can I say to the engine variable actor one is this mesh, variable actor 2 is this mesh? EDIT : found it!! ^.^



Thanks a million time KrautPotato, and everybody here, beers for you! :smiley: :D**

Why are you call some custom event for this? Make it function.

If you have a alternative way, feel free to post it! :smiley: