Different Reload Animations for Different Weapons

Hello. I’m trying to make it so a different animation plays based on what weapon my character is currently holding. I already have the animations created and imported, as well as a Weapon Type enum (I’ve been following this tutorial: Tutorials | Shooter Tutorial).

Any idea what I should do next? If anyone needs screenshots or something then please feel free to ask.

Thank you.

I didn’t do that tutorial and there’s always many ways to do the same thing so here’s four approaches (ordered by what I think would be most likely to fit your needs).

1- If your reload should override whatever animations you’re playing

  • Convert your animation to a Montage
  • In your ABP Event Graph when your current weapon changes play said Montage

2- If your reload should take over part of your body in your ABP Anim Graph blend pose by bone.

3- If your reload should modify a known pose in your ABP Anim Graph use additive node.

4- If your readiness of your gun is a state in your ABP Anim Graph you could add the reload animation as a custom transition node

Thank you for your answer.

How would I set up my Anim Blue Print like you mentioned in your first suggestion? Sorry, I’m still kinda inexperienced with UE4.

Hope it helps!