Different proportions preview?

Hi all,
I wonder is there an easy way to check level on different resolutions inside editor? I know about console commands and thing - I am asking is there an easy way to do it without typing **** novell? Like in unity, for example - you simply choose whatever proportion or pixel size you want from listbox, or add new one. For 3d it may seem not so important, but for mobile games, especially 2D it is mandatory.

P.S. I found out you can change resolution inside project settings, but it is terrible way: 1. you open project settings 2. choose resolution 3. close project settings 4. click play button 5. wait game window to open 6. check how it looks 7. click alt+F4 to close window. 7 steps instead a single click in unity. And if you need check it on for example 10 different phone screens/monitors, I wish you luck. Is there easy way?