Different projectiles to enable different triggerboxes?

Hi I am fairly knew to the world of blueprint scripting.

I want my player to be able to fire projectiles from each hand that cause a triggerbox to set view target to 2 possible pawns depending on the projectile, once the player teleports into it.

So far I have attempted to do this with OnActorBeginOverlaps on 2 triggerboxes. One that moves the triggerbox into the are using a levelsequence once the first is overlapped with a projectile but this doesnt seem to work as when I move into the triggerbox the set view target doesnt work.

Here are my blueprints and collision settings:

Projectile collision settings: Screenshot - 65ee0c1710f6108222466bf07f23d1ed - Gyazo

TriggerBox collision settings: Screenshot - eb90896d15614b9a692b8e688ae0a84e - Gyazo

TriggerBox2 collision settings: Screenshot - 30b02e416e155f9eaf4c2111569cb5c8 - Gyazo

MotionControllerPawn collision settings: Screenshot - 2a417350a73e844c22a94e5eb78cc309 - Gyazo

The project is based on the VR template but teleportation is limited to the right hand only.

I am trying to give as much information as possible as I cannot figure out what the problem could be. At the moment I am struggling to even get the player to be able to fire a projectile that enables triggerbox to then set the view to one pawn nevermind multiple projectiles setting up multiple trigger boxes.

Thanks for reading this. I would appreciate any suggestions.