Different project structuers advantages, disadvatages and conventions

If you create project from template, everything is by default in single director.

In shootergame it is splitted betwee Classes/Private/Public.

How do you setup your folder is personal preference, what I’m curious though, is how UHT treat Classes/Private/Public folder.

If I dumb everything into Private folder will UHT generate Precompiled Headers ? If not where should I add my files for UHT to do so ? I want to put everything into single folder (headers and implementations).

With default setup I have to include headers into each cpp file.

Additional points to make:

  1. The Editor itself uses the Classes/Public/Private structure

  2. I’ve seen the fasted compile times for .h and .cpp from the new structure, but it does mean individually adding all the .h files that are required for any particular .cpp file

  3. the above is probably why not including #pragma once is now an official compile error

Thanks for asking this Iniside!