Different parameters from execution chain

Hey, I was just wondering how something like that was possible.
The editor lets you input multiple parameters to the same node, so I assume it is a functionnality.
What are the rules about this kind of stuff?

I’d like to know this aswell.
You can even use parameters from different Events in another event.
For example you can use the Previous Location-Parameter of “Walking Off Ledge”-Event in the “OnLanded” Event.

In this case it’s technically not a “parameter” it’s the object that the function is being called on.

For example if you were calling a “Die” function from your Pawn BP you don’t have to specify a target (it’s running the function on itself, it’s target is “self”). However, if you are calling that same function from your GameMode, then you have to specify WHICH pawn you want to call “Die” on. In this case you can plug in multiple pawns and it’ll call the function on all of them.

Your example uses widgets, but it’s the same idea. Widgets have a function called “AddToViewport” but you aren’t calling it from the widget itself, you are calling it from the gamemode. So you can specify multiple widgets to run that function.

Thanks you very much for the clear explanation !
I would like to add it even detects when an object is not valid(such as in my example where one of the two will not have been initialized ) and will simply not the call the function on null objects.