Different objects in level + seams + render problems?

I’m pretty new to UE4 / Gamedesign. Learning every day :slight_smile: but I don’t really get how to fix this kind of problems (see attached screenshot)


I have a few ‘blueprints’ and some ‘level geometry’ all from blender. I can’t get them aligned properly and if I overlap them there are strange render problems.

I did some searching on this forum but got the feeling I don’t know the right terms / words because I didn’t find any posts exactly about my problems.

The basic question I guess is how can I align different objects perfectly? so there are no seams?

Thanks already for reading my post!

update: the problem here is a bit exagarated :slight_smile: I can get them aligned more properly but not perfect.

They should align assuming they align in Blender. You could also use BSP brushes then convert to static mesh. As far as the shadows go that looks like it may be a problem with your quality settings. The shadows should be softer regardless. I could be wrong though, would not be the first time.

I manage to fix my problems with scaling the grid / aligning beter in blender / and playing with the quality settings.