Different meshes for different "ages" of procedurally spawned foliage.

I know this have been talked about a while back during a twitch stream but I haven’t heard anything since and as it’s a pretty important feature for us I figured I should ask about it.

I really need to be able to set up different meshes for different “ages” of plants in the procedural foliage tool.
We have multiple “ages” of all our trees and I really want to be able to make the younger meshes spawn at the edges of clusters.
Right now I have to make a foliage type for each mesh which becomes very messy since we have so many different meshes.

Is this a feature that is coming and if so, when can we expect to see it?

Thanks in advance!

Another thing related to the same tool. How come when I set a foliage type to no collision radius, no shade radius and overlap priority way lower than my other foliage type, it still somehow force less of the other foliage type to spawn when I increase it’s density? That doesn’t make any sense to me. I guess it’s a bug?

This would be really appreciated as the procedural foliage system lacks so much when you can´t utilize something like this that Sitrec is suggesting here. Would make foliage generation really top notch! So please Epic, at least plan it for the future and know that there is a lot of us that would be more than happy if you implemented it :slight_smile:

Yeah it would take spawning foliage from being a faster but not as good looking as doing it by hand to being both fast and provide great results.

I just took a look at the ARK editor and they’re plagued by the same issue. They seems to have ended up just uniformly spawned assets over an area and completely skipped doing clusters. While it does look great, it would look so much more believable if plants spawned more like they grow in real life, without having to use only the same mesh.