Different maps on a server

Can have different maps on a dedicated server where clients can go from one to other? (like a mmo)
if yes, how?? :smiley:

thank you

You mean like level streaming? This is the closest thing I could find: Is it possible to use level streaming in a multiplayer game? - Multiplayer & Networking - Unreal Engine Forums

thanks for your reply!

not level streaming simply a change level
change from an old to a new map
with the ability to go from one to another
simply change the levels!

Check out this thread. https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?73744-Seamless-Travel

Thank you ZoltanJr but this is not what i look ,
because i want a client move to another map not all client in te same time :frowning:

exi say : An MMO is not done with one Server. An MMO has one Server per Map Instance. The Maps in UE4 can be pretty big, but yes, you can not have more than 1 map per Server, so you need a system that creates servers and removes them and moves players between them, so you can have multiple players in it.

Also i doubt that the UE4s networking system can handle the playercount of an MMO, so you might want to create your own Server System for that.

system that creates servers and removes them and moves players between them
it is possible to do it in blueprint?

That is not something that is built into any game engine you will find. That is actually not even part of a game engine for a good reason, it’s server management. You would not be programming this within blueprints and likely would be plugging something like http://bigworldtech.com/en/ software as a plugin to UE4.

But also seamless travel can be used to load different areas of a level to different clients which is still likely what you are looking for.

Pretty much the deal with building an MMO is “If you have to ask, then you aren’t capable of doing it” Get another 20 years dev experience before attempting to build an MMO and a team of 100 guys and you have a chance

I think I will use the same level

20 years does not make sense is an exaggeration
at that time may also change technologies
I’m sure you’re experienced than me
and I will not be presumptuous

but I think it all depends on the expectations
and scope of the project
if you want to handle 100 players or 1000
for example, I think there is difference
I do not want to do a professional mmo

post scriptum:
“If you have to ask, then you aren’t capable of doing it” This applies not only to mmo applies to everything
It is also true: “you have to ask for know”.

I apologize for any error in English
thank you for your help

Anyone got a tutorial on this yet? I’m looking at destroying the session and creating a new session on the Dedicated Server. The Server would control the session, so it seems like the logical way to do this would be through a UMG that creates the session again, but that almost seems like the Server has to Restart or something.

I am 100% sure you can do this, I’ve seen it done in a dozen games.