Different Low/Medium/High/Epic values for config variables possible?


if I mark a variable as “Config variable”, how can I define different values for “Low”, “Medium”, “High”, “Epic”? Background is that I want to define my own graphics settings, e.g. the count of chunks of a destructible mesh, and define a different value for it for “Low”, “Medium”, “High” and “Epic”. So far the only options I see is making own .ini-files for that, or using data assets for it.

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You could use a enumerated type:

[quote=“ClockworkOcean, post:2, topic:145213”]

You could use a enumerated type:[/QUOTE]

Seems that it wasn’t very clear what I mean. I want basically make the same system as the scalability system. There are groups like “Anti-Aliasing”, “Post Processing” etc. and every group affects many engine intern variables but none of them affects e.g. the count of chunks in a destructible mesh. I want to define my own group with my own variables. Like a “Details” group with an integer variable “DestructiblesChunksCount”. For “Low” quality this would be 5, for “Medium” quality it would be 10 and so on. I can access this variable in the code and choose a destructible mesh asset.

Sure I can make it by myself like seen in the content browser. I made a primary data asset “PDA_CustomGraphicsSettings” with the variable “DestructiblesChunksCount” and different data assets inheriting from it with “Low”, “Medium”, “High” and “Epic” settings. I placed it in the game instance and made it accessible by a (blueprint) function library.
A drawback is that these data assets are not accessible in .ini-files by the user. So he cannot tweak the game if he wants.

I just want to know if this functionality is already in the engine and if it has something to do with the “Config variable” flag. I can’t believe that it isn’t there already somewhere in the engine because this should be a often used functionality.

Ah ok! Sometimes with short questions it’s hard to tell what level people are asking from.

Unfortunately no, I don’t know of any scalability system yet for Chaos…