Different Location in game than in editor

Hi ! I apology now for my english :s

I’m discovering Unreal engine by myself, i already made a tic tac toe with blueprint and i’m now trying to do a snake game.

I have a problem, it’s there is a difference between location in editor and in game. My character as no parent actor so there is no difference between “world location” and “relative location”.

Here is a screen shot from the editor, you can see location of the actor (Z axe does not matter it’s a 2D game). What is strange is that the start location, at the center of the map, is the same in editor than in game (X=770 Y=-140)


And here is a screenshot in game, i put my character at the same place but it looks like there’s a different scale and location is not the same.


I need it to be the same.