Different Lobby UI (UMG) for a Host and Client

I have a lobby UMG Widget that i need to iterate on and disable some things for clients (like starting the match etc).

Both UI’s have a common player list that is updated when someone joins.

I thought that i could “subclass” the lobby widget blueprint, which would have the player list in it, and then have a host subclass which will provide map change ui, and a client widget subclass which will provide a ready button.

Of course, this is not supported in UMG.

Any suggestions on how I could accomplish this with widget blueprints? I do not really want to “turn off” buttons because that seems like a consolation to just have custom UI for Host/Client.

I think I am supposed to treat the HUD as a class that contains a collection of UMG widgets, and i have logic that creates different widgets based on Host/Client. here i can store a reference to the “player list” and the Host/Client logic can store their player list on that variable in the HUD. Then i can have commonality between the UI’s which makes for a clean blueprint.

there is a “Is Server” boolean that you can use to check and see if the player is the host, just use that with a branch and if false hide your buttons.