Different instances for menus and game itself

I was just playing and screen recording a match in Ironsight and I noticed my Nvidia Share’s overlay kicks in and out. It still records the whole game though.
Then I was told that its because the menus and the game runs on different instances.

What exactly does that mean? I know in UE4 you have to set up level streaming to have animated menus so I was wondering if that has something to do with it. Ironsight runs on the Iron Engine Wiple game’s own in house game engine.

So those are just two different game instances that are set up one for menus and one for the game itself?

It almost seems like the menus in Ironsight works more like web pages than part of the actual game. Interesting. My Nvidia recorder saves the recording in a “Desktop” folder rather than in a “Ironsight” folder if I start to record too early. Interesting.

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Just a note though. Windowed mode and full screen mode looks the same.