Different graph during/completed task at Swarm Agent

On the first image there is a swarm agent on OCULO-PC and it’s monitor during some task.
OCULO-PC is not used, as SWARM1-PC is doing the task.
Still, OCULO-PC’s blue bar is moving forward.
On the second screen there is a final OCULO-PC Agent after task is done.
As you can see, the bar moved to the left indicating that no calculations were performed on OCULO-PC (and this one is correct).

Hi Wintch,

From what you’re showing here this is expected based on how Swarm distributes lighting builds depending on assignments.

If there are not enough tasks to assign out depending on the scene it may appear that one machine is not being used.

If you’ve got a substantially sized scene where a lot of tasks get distributed that would be a good indicator of what’s going on. You can also look through the Swarm Agent log (set to Super Verbose in the settings for extra info too).


Thanks Tim, but my point is that the CPU on pc1 is not used, but the indicator is showing that both computers are.
This is confusing as blue lines on pc1 should never move.

AvoidLocalExecution is set to True on pc1, so no CPU is used on it.
The problem are only moving bars that are giving you the sensation of the job being processed when it’s not. After some slave finishes the work, the blue bars on pc1 disappears.

I believe that when the build is finished it should show this regardless. It’s been a while since I’ve used linked system and I used them all without limiting either one.

You should be able to verify the build through the log for Swarm Agent.

Checked that again. If i ignore blue bars, on preview second PC is not used. With production quality it is as i see 100% CPU load on both machines and total render time dropped. Still it is a bug as those blue moving bars at times are displaying incorrect status. Thanks!