Different file extensions for .uasset files based on their type

I know this is a big deal, but even having different extensions just for textures and blueprints would be helpful. The reason is that then we would be able to set up different file types in the perforce typemap to save on space, e.g.:

assuming [FONT=courier new].uassett for textures and[FONT=courier new] .uassetb for blueprints:

binary+lS5 //depot/....uasset       #general case
**binary+lS15 //depot/....uassetb            #blueprints, you want a lot of revisions for those, they're small and constantly changing
binary+lS2 //depot/....uassett               #textures, they're big and I don't want a lot of revisions for them**
binary+lS4 //depot/....umap                  #Levels. (can already do this today)
binary+lS1 //depot/..._BuiltData.uasset    #Only save one revision for lightbuild data which is huge and never needs to be rolled back (can already do this today).