Different events work different


I was trying to create a destructible mesh, that would explode after pressing a button. I created a destructible using CornerFrame from starter content, then I used this destructible in my blueprint. I made such graph:

I set 6 blueprints and tried to press E button, but when I did it, only one destructible exploded (the one, that was installed on the scene last)
Then, I made a connection from Enable Input to Apply Radius Damage, and then all blueprints exploded.
How to make all the blueprints explode after pressing E?

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P. S. Unreal engine version: 4.4.0

You need to disable “Consume Input” of the “E” node. This prevents others from firing which is why only one breaks apart.

Thanks, but now there is another problem: if I will move my blueprint up to about 120 , then it will react only while falling. If it touched the ground, then it won’t explode. He is not destroying when touching the ground - i checked it. Maybe a bug?