Different Delay Times PIE vs Standalone

Hey all,

I’m having seeing some discrepancies between playing in the editor vs a stand alone game when it comes to my project. When I play in editor window everything matches up but when standalone everything seems to be getting out of sync.

Here’s what I have happening. I have a skeletal mesh animation that is auto playing and a sound file that is playing on level load. I have a delay set up to the song length that is triggering a open level execution to restart things in a loop. The problem that is happening is that in a standalone game after the first loop there is a noticeable miss match between the mesh animation and the music. With more loops this gets worst.

I don’t understand why this is happening as it’s fine in editor and I’m effectively restarting everything so it should all be matched up. It seems to me that the auto start animation is starting slightly before the sound is triggered on the loop.

Really appreciate any and all help. I’m attaching a screenshot:

Auto activating the music track and the skeletal mesh animation. NO BLUEPRINT. Causes the same discrepancy between PIE and Stanealone. :expressionless:

So adding a two second delay after Event Begin Play seems to give the system enough time to catch up after load and make sure to sync the music and animation.

It’s a bit of a bummer as it’s a work around but it’s better than nothing.