Different Configuration File Values in Different Build Configs

I feel like this probably exists, but I can’t find it and my google-fu is failing me atm.

I want to have different config values set depending on which build config I’m using. For example, when I build in debug I might want to have lower default graphics settings or something and on development/shipping I might want the default to be higher.

Anybody know how I’d go about that? Are there extra configuration specific config files that you can override these things in? I see platform specific ones, but no build config specific ones.

Any help would be great! Thanks much!

The C# files source directory are build script, they have configuration code for UBT (UnrealBuildTool, which manages compilation process). Each module have one (note module in game code are practicly the same as modules in engine source code, building loading etc, works the same they simply in diffrent directory), there not much documentaion on them so you would need to figure out what to do yourself, look up on build scripts in engine source code. There also target build script which configures your entire project building so i think that might be better place to do what you trying to do

I dont think from you can set configuration inis via UBT APIs in those scripts, but since it C# thoreticly you can code anything that C# allows

Do you mean the ProjectName.Build.cs and ProjectName.Target.cs files?