Different collision setting on single object

hey guys i’m using 4.10.3 and want to know how to set different collision settings on single object.

I have a big floor(not flat) where my pawn can move around, but I want some different effects on each part of the floor.
For example, when my pawn is on some ground, maybe i want the collision to be only blocking my pawn and not my enemies, some other parts, I may want collision to block just my enemy and nothing else.

My first attempt was to create a small blueprint with a collision box inside to set behaviors of my pawn and my enemies but it didn’t work so well. I also tried to change the floor’s collision settings when an actor is inside the collision box but that didn’t work so well since objects outside of the collision box were affected as well.

I have also tried out the hard way, by making separate floors, but it wasn’t a good approach since I wish to expand my project further and these procedures were pain in the ■■■ (since I have to sculpt them perfectly enough such that it looks smooth between the transitions of different floors).

May I have some ideas to how I can get this thing to work?