Different behavior with packaged build

I have a multiplayer RTS style game that works great when you play in editor, or standalone game, or “launch” from the editor (using multiple windows to connect as host and client(s)).

However when I package build the project for windows, some parts don’t work correctly.

For example the unit blueprints that acquire targets within sight range no longer seem to work, or work intermittently.

I don’t think I can debug the situation because it’s only happening in the full deployment build, the problem doesn’t appear when using the editor at all.

Any idea why it would work differently when packaged than using “launch” from the editor?

I think the print node still writes to a log after shipping ( could be wrong ).

It’s also possible to enable the print node in a shipping build, but I can’t recall how to do that. I just googled around, but can’t find it…

Ok I believe I discovered my problem - I had turned on blueprint nativize in the project settings. After turning that off and repackaging it seems to work normally.

Ah, interesting…