Different Animations with the same pattern

Hi guys.

I want to implement a kind of dynamic weapon animation system.

Is there a possibility to have different Animations with the same “pattern” or “name”?
I’d like to do the following:
Every weapon has different Animations for the character, but the character behaves the same.
For example the
Character can draw the weapon,
the Character can hold the weapon,
the Character can aim with the weapon,
the Character can put the weapon back.

The weapon itself would store the animation.
So I’d like to say “play the Draw Animation of the current Selected Weapon”

Something like this possible?

You can override your anim bp by playing a montage. Google animation slots.

What I want is, that the States (Draw, Idle, Holster etc.) have different Animations. Depending on the Weapon I have equipped

Store the animation reference on the weapon. Use it with the ‘play montage’ node on your character.

That’s not possible I guess. “Play Montage” would be played within “Event Tick” which causes the Animation to be played all over again resulting in that you only see the first frame.

No. Do what I said originally.