Different animations for lower and upper body

I want to have one set of animations playing for my characters upper body and another set for the lower body. I have tried to accomplish this with anim montages but I need to use blend spaces and aimoffsets which as far as i know are impossible with montages. Could I blend two state machines together but only for certain bones?

Ok I figured it out. I made two state machines in the animgraph and then plugged them both into a layered blend per bone and added a branch filter at spine_01 with blend depth 1.

can you explain me how you done that?? please ><

Since I’m using separate animations for left and right arms I have another state for that. First I made the three states on the animgraph and then cached them in a saved pose. Next plug them into a “layered blend per bone” node with a blend weight of 1:

Then you have to set the layer setup
This is my set up:


Hope this helped. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

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don’t need it, i’ve found it in UE docs, thx

This helped a lot, but what if you wanted to play a full body animation like a jump / roll?

Have you found an answer to that question yet? I’m trying to figure out how to do the same thing.

Hey, it is very simple. Do what VoidGoat does for the sake of convenience and when you need to do a full body animation, in your character blueprint just call “play animation” or “play montage” with you character skeleton selected. This will overlap the animations from the state machines in AnimBP so you should be fine.

Awesome, thanks