Different animation for different movement

Hi, I am a newbie. It may be simple but I can’t figure it out.
I need to use four separate animation for four type of movement like
-left and

  • right. I don’t want any blendspace either. I just need the basic movement, no orientation or direction, four basic movement with four different animation. How can I do it?

You will need a blendspace. Not the blendspace 1d.

Idle is center and then you can set up the different animations for the different directions. From there go to the AnimBlueprint’s graph and then you will need to set it up to use the 1, -1 directional values.

Example - Left Analog x goes from -1 to 0 to 1. 0 is no input. -1 is left and 1 is right.

No way around it. Use Blendspaces.

Well you might be able to use an Animmontage with rootmotion and set up for each directional button to play the required section of the animmontage, but I would imagine so many problems with that and it would be harder to do properly.

You just need an animation blueprint Watch the unreal engine tutorial hope it help